Nurture & Heal natural hair challenge

I decided to challenge myself to be gentler with my hair. I need to learn to be more patient with my natural hair texture, learn more protective styling options and just how to treat my locks well overall. My goal is to achieve healthy hair that sheds as little as possible and to see how much length I can achieve.  Though I have been “natural” for about 6 years now, free from relaxers, I have not truly been natural, (minimal to no heat, no extensions, weaves, etc.) I’ve done my hair in. Since 2006 I’ve gone through phases of lightening it, constantly straightening it, excessive manipulation and heat. As a result, even with “natural hair”, I’ve experienced breakage, excessive shedding and having to get quite a bit cut off (and this was not a “big chop”) and most recently I’ve experienced quite a bit of heat damage. I realized that I want the healthiest hair as possible. Because of this I’ve decided to challenge myself to a Nurture & Heal challenge for the rest of 2011. On this challenge I will practice low to no manipulation, moisturization, minimal to no heat, explore more natural products, experiment with natural hair styles, being gentle and patient with myself and my hair to learn how to better care for my natural hair texture….Wish me luck! 🙂