Hair Accessories for your Natural Hair Styling


Once in a while I like to add hair accessories to my natural hair styles. Adding pins, flowers, head bands or scarfs gives a different look to a style, adds a pop of color and can be fun to play around with. I like to find a good sale on accessories, then stock up on them :). I came across some hair accessories that are on sale and thought I’d pass along. Enjoy!

Product Review: Aveda Light Elements Defining Whip

About a month ago I posted about Looking for a good hair cream, pomade or styler. I planned on trying AVEDA Light Elements Defining Whip 4.1 oz/125 ml for medium hold especially during the summer months. Defining Whip is a styler for all hair types that allows the creation of texture and medium hold. It is a light whipped wax that absorbs into hair well without buildup. I have since tried Aveda Light Elements Defining Whip and here is my review of it.

I stopped into the Aveda store inquired about this product and the sales associate thought that for what I was looking to do with my hair that the Defining whip would be a good choice. I was excited and could hardly wait to try it for my dry twist outs. A 4.1 oz., jar of the Defining Whip is $24.00. Honestly, this is quite pricey for my budget. But I’d read so many good things about it despite the price I was open to trying it, hopeful that I’d found my staple styler. The texture of the whip feels light weight, not too heavy or greasy. The smell is the strong distinct fragrance that Aveda products have, though it does not linger.

Here’s how I used it:

I let my hair air dry after washing and conditioning. Then denman brushed about twelve even sections, applying about a quarter size amount of the whip to each section (again I have very densely thick porous hair), then double strand twisted and rolled the ends with small flexi rods letting the twists set for a day.

My review:

As I was taking my hair down I was hoping to see some really defined curls that would be shiny, bouncy and tight. Once I had all the flexi rods removed and the twists separated, shaken and fluffed I was sad to see that my hair was limp, felt sticky, and with barely any curls defined. My hair was a little stiff, clumped together and nowhere near the curls I had expected. Maybe I used too much or maybe my hair just didn’t take to this product. I was quite disappointed because I had anticipated that this would be my go to styler. Just because this styler didn’t work for my hair texture and style does not necessarily mean that it won’t work for what you are trying to achieve with your hair. Luckily when I purchased the Defining Whip the sales associate mentioned that if it didn’t work out for me I could bring it back. So I headed back to the store and exchanged it for the Aveda Brilliant Anti-Humectant Pomade.

Have you heard all the rave about a product that you couldn’t wait to try though when you did it didn’t work the same for you?

Naturally Inspiring – Solange Knowles

This is a recent picture of Solonge Knowels at an event. She wears her hair natural. I think it’s beautiful.

solonge Naturally Inspiring   Solange Knowles

For black women, so much of our self-esteem, confidence and self-worth is wrapped around the state of our hair. A “bad” hair day can cross many events off of a social calendar. For so long society, media, pop culture and the work force has dictated what the standard of beauty for black women’s hair should be. The natural hair movement that is currently happening gains even more momentum with black celebrities joining. I find it quite encouraging to see popular, mainstream women be themselves naturally and do so with confidence, grace and a great sense of style while showing their God given beauty.

Who are some naturals that inspire you?

Looking for a good hair cream, pomade or styler

Hi there!

The dog days of summer have kicked in. Here in Cleveland the weather has gone from cold, to rainy then right into scorching hot. We have not experienced spring time temperatures nor have we eased into summer temperatures. This will be my first summer that I am wearing my natural hair without synthetic twists, braids or flat ironing so I have to begin pulling together a summerizing hair plan for those hot, humid, scorching summer days ahead. Continue Reading

April showers style

Hi! With the April showers that have begun, I’ve had to experiment and be creative with natural hair styles that will hold up during rainy weather. Thought I’d share a picture of a style that I came up with to protect my hair from the rain. I put in a lot of work the night before washing, detangle, conditioning , doing a twist & curl and didn’t want it to turn into a frizzy afro because of the weather. I found a cute crotched knit cap to wear. I left all of the  twists in (except for one in the front) put the cap on covering all of my hair with the one twist in the front out. I separated it for a little curly bang style. After a little separating and adjusting this turned into a  kinda cute look. icon smile April showers style
2011 04 10 14.26.15 150x150 April showers style
Twist & Curl with a cap

Hair do’s since my last relaxer

Since transitioning from a relaxer to my natural hair texture I have worn my hair in quite a few different styles. I’ve worn everything from double strand synthetic twists, flat ironing, had it lightened for a while, cut in a bob after some damage when it was lightened, pony-tails, buns just to name a few styles. Over these last 5 1/2 years I’d been notorious for wearing it straight. And, my idea of protecting it and letting it “rest” is to get it put up into 2 stranded twists with synthetic hair. Reminiscing about these past hair styles, gives me the encouragement to embrace my natural texture, experiment with healthier hair style alternatives and continue to learn to be a bit kinder and gentler to my locks. Here are some pics I thought I’d share of some of the hair styles I’ve worn between Oct 2005 – Dec 2010.

P1310106 150x150 Hair do’s since my last relaxer

2005 Transitioning

7 17 06 150x150 Hair do’s since my last relaxer

Summer 2006 still transitioning

26613 1389257298745 1451462577 1021811 7557474 n 150x150 Hair do’s since my last relaxer

A synthetic twist time

me2 150x150 Hair do’s since my last relaxer

My blond days 2007-2008

may 2008 150x150 Hair do’s since my last relaxer

Cut into bob after damage from coloring May 2008

20539 1306124262358 1508076708 30805710 6202963 n 150x150 Hair do’s since my last relaxer

Flat iron Jan. 2010

 2010 12 24 18.14.33 e1302049632265 150x150 Hair do’s since my last relaxer
 Dec. 2010 Twist & Curl