Checking in


Hey there!!

It’s been quite a while since I’ve made any posts. Thought I’d do a quick check-in.

All is well these days. I’ve had quite a trying year, being pulled in many different directions and didn’t have a lot of time to put into here. But hey, the year is almost over and things are smoothing out.

Though I have not been very active blogging, I have been keeping up with all things related to natural hair and all of the going ons in the community :-). Including being in on curlBOX and the NaturalBOX, trying various natural hair products and deciding on a newer set of staple products.

I have some ideas and plans in the works for this blog including a new look/layout. In the mean time I thought I’d touch base, say hi and share a few pictures that I’d taken showing a recent wash & go.

MG 54902 1024x682 Checking in

wash & go


MG 5493 1024x682 Checking in

wash & go showing natural curl pattern and shrinkage

Cya soon!!!

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Wash & Go Natural Hair Style

wpid 2011 07 09 13.35.54 225x300 Wash & Go Natural Hair Style


wpid 2011 07 09 13.35.05 300x225 Wash & Go Natural Hair Style

This is a recent wash & go natural hair style that I did. It is my staple hair style cause it’s fairly easy to do and lasts for days. In these pics my hair is completely dry, which usually takes a full day for it to to air dry. To achieve this naturally curly hair style I do the following;

This Wash & Go came out really curly and bouncy. I was able to get 3 days out of it.