Naturally Inspiring – Angela Simmons

Earlier today Angela Simmons, Rev Run’s (of Run DMC) daughter, tweeted the following; “Just took my weave out.. Look how long my hair grew. It’s so thick !!”

as 225x300 Naturally Inspiring   Angela Simmons

She has massive natural hair which looks thick, healthy and gorgeous! Whether she has grown it out intentionally or not, one of the keys that I believe in for achieving hair growth is low to no manipulation which she more than likely achieved by wearing protective styles in the form of weaves. Weather you are for or against wearing weaves there is one thing for certain, when done correctly, they serve as protective styling of your hair. I hope with all the twitter buzz and acclaim that she generated from this tweet leads her to #teamnatural. I believe that any celebrity/famous person who shows support of the natural hair community (and the natural hair movement) helps with garnering mainstream acceptance and aid in changing the negative stereotypes and views of natural hair.

I ♥  #naturalhair icon smile Naturally Inspiring   Angela Simmons

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