Natural Hair Products are essential in any hair care regime. It is important to have your Staples (a.ka. Go to’s, holy grails) identified. In learning to manage and style my natural hair I have realized that it takes time, dedication, commitment and being open to continuously learning about your hair, the best way to care for and style your hair, products that work and do not work with your hair and/or your budget :).

For my natural hair care regimen, most recently my nurture & healing challenge, I have identified my Staple Products, Staple Tools and Staple Styles. To have these in place makes caring for my hair easier, helps me to identify what works well for my hair and lifestyle and allows for me to really work at perfecting techniques. My staples have changed over time, as I try new and different products and experiment with various styling ideas. So My Staples will change and evolve over time.

Often I get asked “what do you use on your hair?” This is not always such an easy question for me to answer because truth be told, I’m a product junky (pj) :). And, with being a pj I am open to try a variety of products on a fairly regular basis. Though, there are staples that I turn to pretty often because I know that they work well for my locks. With learning how to care for and manage your natural texture, the products that you use in your hair can make drastic differences with aiding in detangling, moisturizing, conditioning, promoting your natural curl pattern, help with the frizzies as well as add sheen and shine. When choosing products it all boils down to finding what works best for you and your hair. With being on a natural hair care challenge I’m still contemplating the level of natural that I am. I still use products that have sulfates, cones, etc. because I am not completely opposed to them. More recently I have been trying some organic products and am considering to one day go to using all natural/organic products.  Soooooo, I am open to trying more products and I will update this on a regular basis, especially as my pj urges kick in :). Below are the products that I currently use, on a rotating basis, as part of my current hair care and maintenance routine. What are some products that are your staples or holy grails that you use as part of your hair care regimen?

trans Products