Welcome to Lori’sNaturalLocks. I started this blog as a way to document my journey of learning how to better care for, maintain and style my natural hair while providing a little inspiration to others along the way.

Natural hair is the choice to wear hair with minimal or no use of chemicals, heat, weave or extensions.”

I love natural hair and all that I can learn about maintaining, caring for and styling. I get so much inspiration from others that are a part of the natural hair community that I have gained the encouragement to experiment with various products and styling options while learning how to better care for my natural texture.

Along the way I hope to inspire, encourage and teach others that it is possible to achieve healthy natural black hair that thrives and is stylish. I think one of the keys to this is taking the time to learn about your own natural hair texture. Then it is easier to accept and help define what the standard is for natural hair.

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My hair type is somewhere between a 3c & 4a. Very tightly curled, with a visible “S” pattern curl when stretched. It shrinks A LOT! It is very thick and porus and frizzes easily.

My Hair Journey

As a kid, I had so much thick dense hair that my Mom didn’t care for combing it. I started going to the beauty salon pretty young to have my hair straightened with a hot comb. Every other week I endured sitting through getting my ears burned and the smell of burning hair.

I learned to do my own hair by 10 or 11 and would French braid my whole head. Over the years I’d gone through every popular hair style of the time (relaxers, highlights, color, jheri curl, etc.). Though, between each one, I let a bunch of new growth grow out. Because of this I’d gotten to know my hair texture and what works for it farily well.

I relaxed my hair on a regular basis for over 11 years. After experiencing continued breakage, shedding and slow growth I decided to stop with the relaxers.


My last relaxer was October 2005. I didn’t do a big chop, I did the transitioning.  With transitioning I kept it well conditioned and flat ironed.

Every six to eight weeks I’d get a few inches cut off. I did this for about six months. Then I got it braided in single braids for a few months, keeping my hair well conditioned and moisturized. After taking the braids down I got the remainder of the relaxed hair cut off, and I was left with all natural thick, tight, frizzy hair that I really did not know what to do with. Alas, my natural hair journey truly began and I’ve been experimenting with everything from color, straightening, Dominican blowouts, synthetic hair do’s, etc. since then.

Natural Hair Styles

Though I have been natural for close to 6 years now, I am just recently stepping away from damaging styling and products. Over the course of the six years my “natural hair’ has endured many a days of excessive blow drying, flat ironing, lightening, coloring, harsh products and just out-and-out abuse. In November 2010, I’d taken down some synthetic twists that I’d put in after a very bad impulse decision to try to have it lightened, which went very wrong. So a week or so later I did an Aphogee protein treatment and put it up into two strand synthetic twists, to let it rest and recover. After having the twists for about 4 months I took them down, dyed my hair black, and did a deep moisture treatment. Even after knowing that there is some damage I proceeded to flat ironing. After a few weeks of excessive shedding I did an Aphogee protein treatment and realized the heat damage. At that point I came to the realization that I have to do something drastically different. So I began to think about what I wanted to do with my hair and set some goals for it.

I want my hair to be as healthy as possible and explore the options for learning to care for and nurture my natural texture. At that point I committed myself to learn how to care for my natural hair texture better. In the meantime I began researching on the internet and found the huge natural hair care movement that so many women have committed to. From various YouTube videos and blogs I have discovered so much information which has all been very exciting and informative. I am learning so much and decided to blog about my new-found passion as I journey to learn to better nurture and heal my natural hair.

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