Encouraging tips: considering going natural or newly natural?

For those who are a bit on the fence about going natural, or those who are newly natural and would like some suggestions, here are some helpful tips to help you along your natural hair journey:

  • Go natural because it is what you want to do. Do not make the choice to go natural because it is seemingly the latest hair trend going.
  • Dare to be you naturally, embrace your choice of going natural wholeheartedly.
  • Accept your natural wave, curl or kinky pattern for what it is.
  • Invest the time needed to get to know your hair texture.
  • Develop a regimen that fits and compliments your lifestyle.
  • Set yourself some hair goals to achieve along the way. For example, I have put myself on a no heat challenge for the rest of 2011.
  • Whenever you can, plan ahead for your hair care, maintenance and styling.
  • Be patient with yourself and your hair.
  • Be ok with the days that your hair does its own thing.
  • Conditioners and moisturizers are best friends for natural hair.
  • Be open to learning, trying different products and different ways to style your hair.
  • Utilize blogs, YouTube and other social media resources available for support and to help you learn about hair types, textures, products and styling.
  • Be gentle to your hair. Detangle with a good detangling conditioner with a lot of slip while your hair is soaking wet.
  • Don’t let other people’s opinions deter you.
  • Ignore ignorance and prepare yourself for those instances when people make comments such as; it looks like..or it’s so.. Or, ask questions like; why did you do that to your hair? or can I touch it?
  • You will encounter many trial and errors which is ok, just try again with something different.

For those who are already natural what are some suggestions that you would like to offer?

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