Wash & Go Natural Hair Style

wpid 2011 07 09 13.35.54 225x300 Wash & Go Natural Hair Style


wpid 2011 07 09 13.35.05 300x225 Wash & Go Natural Hair Style

This is a recent wash & go natural hair style that I did. It is my staple hair style cause it’s fairly easy to do and lasts for days. In these pics my hair is completely dry, which usually takes a full day for it to to air dry. To achieve this naturally curly hair style I do the following;

This Wash & Go came out really curly and bouncy. I was able to get 3 days out of it.


My natural hair care pampering sessison

Happy belated 4th of July!

So, I’m seeing where I’m developing this pattern (that I will soon be breaking) of being a little late with some things. Happy belated 4th of July :). I hope everyone enjoyed and had a safe holiday. Over the holiday weekend, and a few days after, I was in much need of some overdue rest and relaxation. So, I “checked out” for a while icon smile My natural hair care pampering sessison I enjoyed some much needed me time, pampering myself with a mani & pedi, facial and some special treatments to my hair.

Over the holiday I also enjoyed a cookout or two, good food, good people, a few glasses of wine, hanging out by the pool, getting a little sun, working out, reading an inspiring book, a tad bit of shopping and watched the fireworks. All things that I don’t get to enjoy enough of on a regular basis. Long overdue and I really enjoyed it all. Now I’m feeling a bit more re-energized and ready to tackle those things that are ahead of me. [Read more…]

My first Twist & Curl (Dry)

I thought I would share one of the very first blog posts that I made (early Feb. 2011). Originally, I was not going to post it because, frankly, I don’t like my pic. :/ But, as I look back at it this post is what:

  • Inspired me to blog about my natural hair journey.
  • My hair turned out really nicely
  • I documented what I think are some very useful steps on how to achive the twist and curl style.
  • And, I covered a fairly decent product review.

Anyway, enjoy!
In my experimenting with wearing my natural texture and challenging myself on how to be kinder and gentler with my hair, last Friday I tried the Twist & Curl (Dry) style that I’d read about on many blogs. I didn’t follow the steps exactly, though, here is my short cut version. Below are the products I used and the steps I followed and a picture of the results:

Washed, conditioned & detangled using:

  • Macadamia Natural Hair Oil Rejuvenating Shampoo 
  • Macadamia Natural Hair Oil Deep Repair Masque

Towel dried & applied leave in conditioner:

Blow dried

  • Using a hand blow dryer, I didn’t manipulate my hair at all. I didn’t dry it completely but as much as possible because I knew that I was going to have to take it right down early Sat. afternoon and wanted to ensure that my hair was dry.

Sectioned hair, added styling product, brushed each section out twisted & rolled ends (Twist & curl)

  • Used my Denman Brush to detangle.
  • Sectioned my hair into 4 sections
  • Aveda’s Be Curly cream My first Twist & Curl (Dry) and Macadamia Natural Hair Oil Healing Oil Treatment  to each section
  • Twisted my hair into 11 twists
  • Rolled the ends with small flexi rod rollers
  • Tied on my satin scarf and off to bed I went.

Took twists down:

  • Removed the flexi rod rollers
  • Unravelled each of the twists, being careful when taking each one down, gently separting each twist to avoid frizz
  • Rubbed a little coconut oil throughout my hair
  • Pulled my hair back into a ponytail with an ouchless ponyholder as I got ready for my day
  • When done, I took the ouchless ponyholder out, shook and fluffed my hair a bit and VOILA…. 2011 02 12 14.46.42 285x300 My first Twist & Curl (Dry)

Not half bad for a first try icon smile My first Twist & Curl (Dry)

My first wash & go

I did my very first Wash & Go of my natural hair, I’m liking it a lot :). The pictures show how it turned out. The first one is of it still wet. The others are of my hair six hours later with it drying some, the roots are still damp. With it drying I experienced quite a bit of shrinkage, about 3-4 inches. I really like how this style has tuned out and I can see where I will wear it again. A wash and go is such an easy style, I can’t believe that I have not tried it sooner. This will definitely be a staple style of mine for this summer and an ideal one to wear for getting back into the gym. It also fits into my nurture & healing hair challenge because it is low to no manipulation styling, allows for me to moisturize it well and requires no heat. All I did was:

  • Washed and deep conditioning mask
  • Detangled, place a part where I want it (down the middle) and rinse in the shower
  •  With my hair soaking wet, sectioned in three sections and applied a leave in conditioner
  • Applied eco styler gel in smaller sections, shingling it throughout all of my hair
  • Then scrunched my hair to help it to set the curls
  • It was still wet when I finished applying the eco styler gel (shingling) and scrunched
  • Then I shook my head and scrunched some more, from here my hair is set and I let it air dry without touching

It’s really nice to see my natural curl pattern. With this style the heat damaged sections of my locks stand out pretty well because those sections’ curls are very loose. All in all I really like how this style turned out. I’m so glad that I took the time to try something different icon smile My first wash & go

Peace & Blessings!

wpid 2011 05 22 15.27.44 My first wash & go

wpid 2011 05 22 21.39.04 My first wash & go

wpid 2011 05 22 21.54.14 My first wash & go

wpid 2011 05 22 21.39.35 My first wash & go