My natural hair care pampering sessison

Happy belated 4th of July!

So, I’m seeing where I’m developing this pattern (that I will soon be breaking) of being a little late with some things. Happy belated 4th of July :). I hope everyone enjoyed and had a safe holiday. Over the holiday weekend, and a few days after, I was in much need of some overdue rest and relaxation. So, I “checked out” for a while icon smile My natural hair care pampering sessison I enjoyed some much needed me time, pampering myself with a mani & pedi, facial and some special treatments to my hair.

Over the holiday I also enjoyed a cookout or two, good food, good people, a few glasses of wine, hanging out by the pool, getting a little sun, working out, reading an inspiring book, a tad bit of shopping and watched the fireworks. All things that I don’t get to enjoy enough of on a regular basis. Long overdue and I really enjoyed it all. Now I’m feeling a bit more re-energized and ready to tackle those things that are ahead of me. [Read more…]

Nurture & Healing natural hair challenge update

Hi There!

Time for a status update on my nurture & heal challenge. In order to correct the bad ways and habits that I had of caring for and styling my natural hair I officially started this challenge in March 2011. In the fall of 2010, when I was still flat ironing my locks weekly, I experienced quite a bit of damage and breakage as a result of having my hair lightened and excessive heat damage. It has since been a little over three months since I have committed myself to a low manipulation and moisturization regimen. Sooooo here’s my status:

First off, I must confess. Since starting this challenge, I have straightened my hair 3 times:

  • To do the first length and damage check and to have ends clipped
  • When attending a job fair
  • And, today actually to get my ends clipped again

For me, to only have straightened my hair 3 times in a 3 month period is really good. A huge improvement! Aside from those 3 times I have been really good at sticking to wearing my natural hair texture with minimal to no heat. Additionally;

  • I experimented with, discovered and perfected the wash & go
  • My staple styles have been; wash & go, twist & curl or a bun
  • 2 times a month I’d d0 deep conditioning masque
  • I’ve limited my shampooing to 2 times a month
  • In the course of a week I am averaging two co-washes
  • Any style that I wear I allow my hair to air dry

When I went for my first hair trim the stylist recommended that I have the ends trimmed every three to four weeks. I didn’t follow that recommendation. Though I know I need to keep up with having the damaged hair trimmed, I didn’t want to risk straightening my hair that often in order to have it cut.

I plan to tweak my regime a bit from this point forward, especially for the summer. In addition to the things that I’ve been doing for this challenge, next up I’m striving for:

  • Doing a status update and trim every 3 months
  • To do a protein treatment once a month
  • Try to wean myself from products that have the silicones, sulfates etc.
  • Do weekly hot oil treatments
  • Only straighten when it is time for a cut
  • Try a few more natural hair style to wear
  • Drink 64oz water a day
  • Consistently take my multivitamins

With putting myself on this challenge, so  far I have noticed quite a bit of growth and a lot less shedding. I have really gotten to know my hair texture, what is working for it and what does not. I have become alot more self assured with confidently wearing my natural big hair icon smile Nurture & Healing natural hair challenge update I will post some current pictures soon.

Have you ever tried a natural hair challenge? If so, what are some of the things you’ve done as a part of your challenge?

Staple Tools – denman brush, microfiber towel, wide tooth comb

When I started my nurture and healing challenge there were three items that I picked up that have made a huge difference in my natural hair care regimen; a Denman Cushion Brush,Wide Tooth Shower Comband aMicrofiber Hair Towel. The use of these staple tools have helped me achieve better defined curls, less frizz, reduced breakage and my detangling and drying times quite a bit. Continue Reading

Looking for a good hair cream, pomade or styler

Hi there!

The dog days of summer have kicked in. Here in Cleveland the weather has gone from cold, to rainy then right into scorching hot. We have not experienced spring time temperatures nor have we eased into summer temperatures. This will be my first summer that I am wearing my natural hair without synthetic twists, braids or flat ironing so I have to begin pulling together a summerizing hair plan for those hot, humid, scorching summer days ahead. Continue Reading

My first wash & go

I did my very first Wash & Go of my natural hair, I’m liking it a lot :). The pictures show how it turned out. The first one is of it still wet. The others are of my hair six hours later with it drying some, the roots are still damp. With it drying I experienced quite a bit of shrinkage, about 3-4 inches. I really like how this style has tuned out and I can see where I will wear it again. A wash and go is such an easy style, I can’t believe that I have not tried it sooner. This will definitely be a staple style of mine for this summer and an ideal one to wear for getting back into the gym. It also fits into my nurture & healing hair challenge because it is low to no manipulation styling, allows for me to moisturize it well and requires no heat. All I did was:

  • Washed and deep conditioning mask
  • Detangled, place a part where I want it (down the middle) and rinse in the shower
  •  With my hair soaking wet, sectioned in three sections and applied a leave in conditioner
  • Applied eco styler gel in smaller sections, shingling it throughout all of my hair
  • Then scrunched my hair to help it to set the curls
  • It was still wet when I finished applying the eco styler gel (shingling) and scrunched
  • Then I shook my head and scrunched some more, from here my hair is set and I let it air dry without touching

It’s really nice to see my natural curl pattern. With this style the heat damaged sections of my locks stand out pretty well because those sections’ curls are very loose. All in all I really like how this style turned out. I’m so glad that I took the time to try something different icon smile My first wash & go

Peace & Blessings!

wpid 2011 05 22 15.27.44 My first wash & go

wpid 2011 05 22 21.39.04 My first wash & go

wpid 2011 05 22 21.54.14 My first wash & go

wpid 2011 05 22 21.39.35 My first wash & go

Straightened my natural hair for a trim


Since I was in need of getting my hair trimmed, I straightened it and thought I’d do a post. I am still pursuing an all natural, with minimal to no heat, way of caring for and styling my hair, though I am long overdue for a professional trim (last trim was in August 2010) and wanted to do a length check. It’s been well over a month since I have had my hair straightened, which is really good for me. After this I am right back on my no heat challenge.

I washed, conditioned and towel dried my hair with a microfiber towel, pulled it back into a ponytail and let it air dry. The next day I sectioned my hair off and began flat ironing it, using the least amount of heat as possible. I used the comb passing method so that I would only have to do one flat iron pass for each section.

After finishing my whole head, I went to Great Cuts for the trim. With having my hair straight and talking with the stylist that did my trim, I realized the amount of damage that I have; heat damage, some breakage throughout from lightening it and quite raggedy ends. He advised that I come back for a trim every 3-4 weeks and continue with protein treatments every six weeks to ensure the healing and growth of my locks. Below are pics of my hair straight at the various stages.

Pictures of length check:

Pony tail length check Straightened my natural hair for a trim

Hair down length check Straightened my natural hair for a trim

 Before and after trim:

Before ends trimmed Straightened my natural hair for a trim

After ends trimmed Straightened my natural hair for a trim

Style after trim and rolling on 3 flexi rods:

DSC00015 Straightened my natural hair for a trim

DSC00016 Straightened my natural hair for a trim

Shea Moisture…

 Shea Moisture... Shea Moisture...

 Shea Moisture... Shea Moisture...

On many of the hair care blogs and forums, that I regularly visit, I’d been reading a lot of positive things about the Shea Moisture products. This week I read about the Shea Moisture products being on sale at Walgreens. To fulfill my curiosity and pj urge icon smile Shea Moisture... I stopped at Walgreens to catch the sale; 2 Shea Moisture products for $9.99. I got the Brilliant curl shampoo and Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque.  I actually needed to wash my hair last night and I was a little anxious and excited to try it. The shampoo was very gentle and moisturizing. I applied the mask, it was very thick and moisturizing, I left it in for about 45 min. As I rinsed the mask out, my hair felt like silk. Can’t wait to try a twist out with it icon smile Shea Moisture... The sale ends on Sat. I plan to go back tomorrow and buy two more of the Deep Treatment Masque’s to have on hand, I can see where this will be a staple for me for the summer.

Nurture & Heal natural hair challenge

I decided to challenge myself to be gentler with my hair. I need to learn to be more patient with my natural hair texture, learn more protective styling options and just how to treat my locks well overall. My goal is to achieve healthy hair that sheds as little as possible and to see how much length I can achieve.  Though I have been “natural” for about 6 years now, free from relaxers, I have not truly been natural, (minimal to no heat, no extensions, weaves, etc.) I’ve done my hair in. Since 2006 I’ve gone through phases of lightening it, constantly straightening it, excessive manipulation and heat. As a result, even with “natural hair”, I’ve experienced breakage, excessive shedding and having to get quite a bit cut off (and this was not a “big chop”) and most recently I’ve experienced quite a bit of heat damage. I realized that I want the healthiest hair as possible. Because of this I’ve decided to challenge myself to a Nurture & Heal challenge for the rest of 2011. On this challenge I will practice low to no manipulation, moisturization, minimal to no heat, explore more natural products, experiment with natural hair styles, being gentle and patient with myself and my hair to learn how to better care for my natural hair texture….Wish me luck! icon smile Nurture & Heal natural hair challenge