Beija-flora Naturals: Hemp Butter Creme & Creme Brulee Review

At the end of July, I was the randomly selected winner of Natural Chica’s 2 year Celebration: Beija Flor Naturals Giveaway. I was so excited to have won Beija-flor Naturals Hemp Butter Creme and Creme Brulee products, I did a quick blog post  at the time of winning, here on Lori’sNaturalLocks. I could not wait to use them and share my experiences.

Forgive me for being so delayed with this post to share my experience with the Beija-flor products I received. I’ve been really busy lately with many good things happening in my life which are happening fast and all at once 🙂

I’ve had the products for quite a few weeks now and have really gotten to use and get a good feel for them. I must say that overall, I am very pleased with the products. Here’s what I think about them 🙂

Creme Brulee

At first, I thought the scent of the Creme Brulee was too strong and overpowering for me. I’m both very finicky and sensitive to many scents. Though, after first using the Brulee, I realized that at first the scent is somewhat strong, though it tones down quite a bit, leaving a really nice light smell. After some time of using I found myself almost craving the scent, it actually smells really good.

The Brulee is very thick, rich, creamy and absorbs well into my hair. It leaves my hair well moisturized with a really nice shine. I’ve styled my hair quite a few different ways using the Brulee and for my hair it works best as a daily moisturizer.

I tried a few twist outs and braid outs with it. They came out nicely though didn’t last much beyond day two hair. I’m a bit disappointed by this because I was very hopeful that this would be my staple style curling cream. But the hold in it doesn’t work for my hair.

Though it may not make the cut as my staple curling cream, it makes the list as a staple moisturizer for me. I really like this product and it seems to aid in improving the texture of my hair.

Here are pictures of a few weeks worth of hairstyles that I’ve worn, using Beija-flora Creme Brulee.

t Beija flora Naturals: Hemp Butter Creme & Creme Brulee Reviewt Beija flora Naturals: Hemp Butter Creme & Creme Brulee Reviewt Beija flora Naturals: Hemp Butter Creme & Creme Brulee Review

Hemp Butter Creme

I’ve been using this as an all over moisturizer. It is very thick, creamy with a very nice, light and slightly fruity fragrance. I really like it a lot because it is very moisturizing. It works especially well on my dry feet; moisturizing and softening them nicely. 😉

Overall, I like these products a lot. The smell really good and are very moisture rich. Both pluses for me!

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